Sunday, March 16, 2014

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Nocturnal March

So what's in a name? When one thinks of black metal more than likely they think Bathory, Norway, second wave, etc and while there have been some good German black metal bands, one in particular stands out for me...and not just because of the name! Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult are probably my favorite black metal band right now. This band plays a raw black metal but with a better sound quality and, in my opinion, a bit more style and class....they're fuckin' killer! And not only are they a great band, they are unique in that their guitarist and vocalist is a female...and she can hold her own up against any male black metal vocalist out there. But it's not just that fact that makes this band stands out, it's the songs.

Nocturnal March is their second full length released in July of 2004 and from the very start this album is relentless. The opener is a track called "Wicher Za Gamori" and is sung in Polish, the guitarist and frontwoman Onielar's native tongue. This is a raw black metal song with massive riffs and fast as lightening tempo. The guitars here are right up front on this wonderfully produced album and if I were to make any comparison here it would be Tsjuder, though I think this band is slightly better. There is a cool little acoustic interlude in the middle of the song that, in other songs, might seem out of place but seems to work here. This song just kicks your ass all over the place and it doesn't stop there. This only sets you up for the rest of the album.

The remainder of the songs are in English and are just as fast and with as much riffing as the opener. Songs like "Chronicler of Chaos", "The Dead Hate the Living", and "Scaffold Salvation" are fast as Hel with blasts and tremolo riffs but also with some classic metal riffing thrown in to show that there is variety to this band. I think that is why this band stands out. There are many dimensions to these songs and it makes this album all the more enjoyable. You also have a song like "Spectral Runlets of Tulwod" that is fast but not just blasting throwing a bit of melody into the mix. The drummer here is sick as he just pummels you with his blasts and double bass drumming while keeping the rest of the band tight. The vocals are actually very good and it's not too often that you have a female doing black metal vocals this well. Once you hear these songs you can see why this band is my favorite black metal band.

There are a couple of interlude tracks here that maybe could have been left off the album but all in all this is black metal done right. The title track is the final song on the album and is more of the same...relentless, pummeling back metal. The song is slightly more epic than the rest clocking in at 7:13 it also includes some timpani and even some marching! All in all, this album is full of riffs and blasts but with a touch of melody too. I just found this band about six months ago and I am glad I did. This is an album that is essential for any black metal fan.



Captain Napalm said...

A little more than a month ago, I decided that I needed to listen to something I hadn't heard before. While I have owned a number of black metal albums over the years black metal, as a genre, never "clicked" for me. I had even played in a black metal band.

I picked Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult to check out simply because their name stuck out so much further than everyone else's. Selecting their newest album, Necrovision, I hit play.

This is the band that makes it all "click" for me. I get it now. Emperor couldn't do it. Neither could Mayhem, Sarcafago, Blasphemy or anyone else. Even the black metal albums I already owned, I "get" them in a way I never did before.

I love DNS.

The Elitist Metalhead said...

Thank you for commenting. DNS are such an awesome and overlooked black metal band. I will be doing more reviews for them in the near future. Keep checking back or like me on Facebook. My blog posts go directly to Facebook as they happen. HAIL!

Captain Napalm said...

Done and done.

I initially downloaded MP3s in a morally ambigous way, but I love this band so much, I have ordered every shirt, CD and even LP (I don't even own a record player) from them. I even ordered patches. I have never put a patch on anything ever.

The last time this happened to me was November 1988. I was at somebody's place in New Orleans. The walls were painted peach. There were bookselves filled with paperbacks. There was a loveseat with a guy playing air drums in front of me and the stereo was pulled up close to him and there was this music. This "HOLY SHIT" music. And then the voice came. The voice I had been searching for without even knowing it. I asked, "Man who is this?"

The guy turned around slowly, smiled and said, "This is Death."

That's the kind of conversion I had upon hearing DNS.