Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Savage Messiah - The Fateful Dark

I just became familiar with this London based band upon my acquisition of this album and I must say I'm interested in hearing their other material. These guys play a melodic thrash that reminds me of USPM (United States Power Metal) on occasions. Founded in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Silver after the break up of his previous band Headless Cross. Hey, with a band name like that you kinda know where this guy's influences lie, right? Anyway, this is their fourth full length album and I must say I'm happy I picked this up. This is nothing innovative or new here, just a very entertaining slice of metal.

Upon first hearing the opening track "Iconocaust", I'm hearing a nice melodic intro that segues right into some good  thrash riffing. This mixture of melody and thrash riffing is done really well here. The vocalist reminds me of a lot of people, but mostly Jonny Lindqvist from Nocturnal Rites. The song is a rocking mid paced thrasher with riffs that reminds me of Practice What Your Preach era Testament in parts with a catchy chorus and some killer lead solos. And it doesn't stop there. Songs like "Minority of One", "Hellblazer", "Scavengers of Mercy", and "The Cursed Earth" are thrashy but with enough melody to really make me think this was a USPM band. Not balls out thrash but speedy and crunchy with massive solos.

Then you have songs like "Cross of Babylon" and "Hammered Down" that just kick you in the teeth with full on thrash riffing....fast and aggressive that once again remind me of Testament. The guitar work, again, is the shining star here on this album with blazing solos that are done right without too much flash but with technical brilliance. The band does slow it down for a ballad of sorts called "Live as One Already Dead" that isn't that bad but nothing special. As for metal ballads, there have been better. Then there are songs like the title track and "Zero Hour" that are traditional metal songs with riff heavy and even some galloping rhythms mixed in with catchy choruses and godly solos.

So in the end, this is a band that can make an album with a variety of songs and do it with style and talent. I'm instantly a fan of this band and of this album. If their previous releases are this good, I will be very happy to have found this band. These guys are really good and this album is an enjoyable listen.


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