Sunday, March 2, 2014

Iron Savior - Rise of the Hero

Iron Savior have returned with their eighth full length album entitled Rise of the Hero. In my opinion, these guys are one of the most consistent bands in heavy metal. They have managed to put out good if not great albums with each release. Some have said that their last outing, The Landing, was a step back for the band but I truly found that album to be one of my favorites. On January 28, the band released a teaser video for the song "Burning Heart" and it really got me excited about the release of this album. Well let me say that it was very much worth the wait. Once again, Piet Sielck and company have proven that they can still release quality material after an impressive 18 year existence. Some might say that Iron Savior are a one trick pony and they may be right, but there is nothing wrong with that. Many bands are because they know a good formula and they stick with it. There is nothing new or innovative here...just 50+ minutes of straight up heavy metal done the Iron Savior way.

Now let me get this out of the way now...Iron Savior has actually recorded their first stinker ever. They recorded a cover of a song by the indie/pop rock band Mando Diao titled "Dance With Somebody." Why they did this I have no idea because the original blows and these guys really didn't make it any better. Okay, now that's out of the way on to the metal! There is a short intro that leads right into the first proper song on the album, "Last Hero." This song sets the mood for the entire album. Piet's vocals are in top form and the song has all the ingredients...great riffs, perfect melody in the verses, the typical catchy chorus, and classy soloing including some dual harmonized leads. Piet did the production on the album and of course it has a great sound without sounding too polished or overproduced.

The rest of the album is more of the same with songs like "Revenge of the Bride", "From Far Beyond Time", "Thunder from the Mountains", and "Firestorm" being your classic Iron Savior speedy metal songs done with class and just pure talent. Of course the choruses on these songs are catchy as ever and will have you singing along in no time. This band has always been able to write songs like these that don't don't sound tired or dated. Then you have mid paced rockers like "Burning Heart" that will have you headbanging the second it starts. I'm a fan of killer guitar soloing...especially in this genre and the guitar work on this album is perfect with the solos being well done without being overdone. There is some really good dual harmonized leads that are just godly.

The version I am reviewing has bonus re-recordings of two classic Iron Savior songs, "I've Been to Hell" from Dark Assault and "Mind Over Matter" from Unification. He started this on The Landing and I actually like the idea. These re-recordings are very well done with not too much deviation from the originals but instead giving this line up's take of these classic Iron Savior songs. This album (with the exception of the aforementioned cover) is another Iron Savior album that will be a classic. I am a huge fan of this band and this album has solidified my fanboyism even more. This album is essential!


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