Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders of the Crown

I've been a fan of this band since 1998 after hearing Kingdom of Madness and loving it. I have followed this band's career closely and have seen them a few times...even going as far as seeing them twice in a matter of days back in 2004. I have followed the career of their frontman, band comedian, and all around main figure of the band, Tobias Sammet and his Avantasia metal opera series. I've not been too impressed with their most recent outputs. I don't hate them, I'm actually indifferent to these albums because their just wasn't enough to keep me interested. So now we have their brand new album, strangely titled Space Police - Defenders of the Crown and it seems they have found a working formula.

I'm sure that there is an underlying humorous meaning to the title given the fact that Tobias is a major jokester. This album did have some teasers released and these songs were quite good with a mixture of classic Edguy and some elements of their past three. The opener, "Sabre & Torch" is one of those teasers and is the perfect Edguy album opener. This song is a classic power metal song that's full of energy and melody with some kick ass riffing to get the ball rolling. Tobias' voice is in top form and he seems to be singing in a higher range on this one. The chorus with the backing vocals and melodies are catchy as fuck. This is already one of my all time favorite Edguy's that catchy. These guys really know how to write good power metal songs and there's no shortage on this album. "Defenders of the Crown" is another fast paced power metal song that's classic Edguy. Catchy, melodic and full of hooks this song is a heavy metal anthem for the millennium. "The Realms of Baba Yaga" is another of those rocking riff laden power metal songs that has a godly solo in there making this song that much better.  "Shadow Eaters" is another one of those songs that just kicks your ass with speed, melody and riffs-o-plenty. The slower mid section of the song leads to the solo and the solos on this album really shine.

There's also songs on here that touch more on the hard rock side that the band has been flirting with for the past few albums. "Space Police" is a perfect example of how the band mixes in that sound with even some heavy chug sounding riffs. The keyboards are used more in this song in an almost cheesy way. The chorus is really good on this song and you will find yourself singing along without even knowing it. This song could have come out any time in the 80s. "Love Tyger" is a fucking  hair metal song but for some reason Edguy pull it off. Some of the riffs remind me of something Lillian Axe put out back in the day and the chorus has more cheese than Wisconsin but it works because the song is just plain fun. And with keeping with Edguy humor, the same band that gave you "Lavatory Love Machine" brings you "Do Me Like a Caveman!" That Tobais, always the joker. This is actually a good song, though. It's actually the most non metal song on the album but it's written well and is catchy. Of course, there is the obligatory ballad, "Alone in Myself." It's not that it's that bad but it just seems that metal ballads are just not what they use to be. This is one of the better ones and it almost sounds like a modern Bon Jovi song. The keyboards actually make this song.

For the grand finale we have "The Eternal Wayfarer," which is a massive eight minute epic number. This song reminds me of a cross between "The Pharaoh" and "The Piper Never Dies" as it has the epic riffing and melodies. There's even some eastern sounding parts before the huge chorus that's just epic. The keyboards on this one are in the proto metal style that could have been done by Jon Lord and the solo is a crusher and they also have a counterpoint vocal part that screams Savatage. This is power metal meets arena rock and it's done with style and finesse. There's cheese here but only enough to be nostalgic. This is a fun album with great songwriting and musicianship that borders on perfect. The only downside is the cover of Falco cover "Rock Me Amadeus" which is a song I've hated since it came out so I can't hold that against the band. If you are an Edguy fan then you must have this album. If you are a fan of just plain fun heavy metal than this is a must have. Actually, if you have a pulse than you must have this album!


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Unknown said...

Agree with u man :D ! Pretty good album ! New songs but with the same old energy Edguy always had !