Friday, April 4, 2014

Disfigurement - Soul Rot (EP)

When it comes to the so called return of "old school" death metal there are few bands that are truly doing it old school. When I think old school I think of Death, early Morbid Angel, early Obituary, and of course the old school swede-death sound. There have been many times that I have been mislead when finding a band that SAYS they play old school death metal only to find that they really just play watered down death metal with non modern production. I want to hear riffs! I want to hear solos! Well, finally I have found a band that truly does take me back to those early days of death metal when they still had a tinge of thrash in the music and the riffs were massive and the solos killer...that band is Atlanta, Georgia's Disfigurement.

This EP was released in September of 2013 and is a 23 minute onslaught of riffs, solos and evil death growls. The opener, "Noxious Sensation", pummels you with excellent riffs, and classy solos that are tasty as well as technical. The drums are pounding with some blasts but they do not dominate the music making this truly old school. These guys really show their influences on this and all the songs on this EP. This is a neck breaker as the riffs just keep coming including some good tremolos. "Solitude" is another just crushing death metal song that makes me feel like I'm back in the early '90s again. The first solo has a an eastern feel to it and is just godly. These guys can play! The second solo is another piece of metal artistry. One of the best death metal songs I've heard, ever...coming from a bunch of fairly young guys! Makes my old metal heart feel good to know that there is a generation of people playing this music.

I'm sorry but modern death metal just does not contain riffs like these. The title track is just crushing with riffs including some classy tremolos that fit perfectly and this song even has a doomy part in there that contains some of the heaviest doom riffs I've ever heard. This song is epic and shows just how talented these guys are. "Entrance to Emptiness," and "Foul Light" are both just pounding death metal songs with some of the best riffs I've heard in along time from a death metal band. These guys could show some of their mentors a thing or two actually. I've been playing this shit out of this EP since I've got it and I'm not even close to getting tired of it. I hope this band gets the recognition they deserve because they will go far. They are tight and talented and I'm a major fan of this band already.

The only thing wrong with this EP is that there is not enough of it. I can't wait to hear a proper album from these guys. Every song written solidly and played with perfection. If you are like me and are sick to fuckin' death of hearing "old school death metal" only to find that it's anything but, these guys will give you hope. Neck braces not included.


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