Monday, June 2, 2014

Vader - Tibi Et Igni

Poland's Vader has to be the most consistent band in all of metal. Having formed in 1983 and released their first full length album in 1992, they have not released a bad album yet. In fact, the mere announcement of a new Vader album sends a buzz through the metal community like no other band. What is it about this band that creates this atmosphere? What is it about this band that makes the metal world stand up and take notice every time they announce a new album? Could it be that their brand of thrash infused death metal is just that fucking good? Why yes, yes it is. Their eleventh full length album, Tibi Et Igni (loosely translated as You and Fire) is another dose of fine metal from this unstoppable band.

What makes this band so special is main man Piotr Paweł Wiwczarek (known simply as Peter). There has been numerous members come and go, including the much beloved drummer Krzysztof (Doc) Raczkowski who passed away in 2005. Peter has been the mainstay here and it is obvious that it is his influence that has carried this band over the years. Consistency is hard to achieve for any band, let alone one that has had a virtual revolving door of members. Vader has been able to achieve excellence with each release and this one is up there with them all. This album is a monster death/thrash album loaded with crushing riffs and some of the most amazing solos in metal today. You can tell this album is going to be something furious with the opener "Go To Hell" that starts with an eerie and epic intro then the thrash riffs burst forth and just pummel you with their brutality and speed. Peter's vocals are just as evil as they could be and drive the song to that level of ferociousness that you expect from him. The tremolos that drive up to the solo are just as evil as the main riffs and the short but killer solo is just amazing. A taste of what's to come.

The songs on this album are well written and there is not a one that could even be close to being called filler. Instead they each have their own identity and shine on their own. "Where Angels Weep" is just over two minutes of serious pounding and riffing that will have you in a neck brace when it's over. The same with "Abandon All Hope", which is another short beast of song that comes in, whips your ass, and leaves you wondering what hits you. Then you have a song like "Triumph of Death" that is an all out thrasher that relies on the riffing that the overall catchy melodies of the song rather than an all out speed fest. This song has elements of thrash as well as traditional metal with some of the best solos on the album. This is possibly one of the best songs Vader has ever written. "The End" is another song in that same style, not super fast but instead it just crushes you with the riffs and a pounding rhythm.

"Hexenkessel" is a song that sees Vader spreading out into epic territory. This is possibly the most atmosphere ever present in a Vader song. This has elements of thrash, death, and heavy metal but is all epic. The riffing here is just insane and the melodies that are placed into this song makes this one of the most unique songs that this band has released. Dare I say Vader experimented here a bit? Yes, they did and the result is a catchy song with all the elements that you would expect in any metal song no matter what the genre. There are even some keyboards in there to add to the atmosphere. Peter's vocals come off as if he were narrating a story in the first person. "The End of the Abyss" is another song that goes into epic territory with an eerie keyboard intro leading to some monstrous heavy metal riffing and vocal choirs. After that it's all business with tremolos as well as thrash riffs just driving this song. And, again, the soloing on this song is absolutely godly. Just the sound of the guitars on this album is enough to make my hair stand on end. That, coupled with the overall production of this album makes this album perfect to listen to.

As Peter said on "The End", "This is not the end....not now." I don't think it is. This album and the previous, "Welcome to the Morbid Reich," are two of the best albums this band has released and to do so at this point in their careers says a lot about this band. I will say it again, this is the most consistent band in all of metal, regardless of the genre. This album is essential for any and all metal heads....period. Get this album...and that is not a request!!


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