Sunday, May 11, 2014

Delirium Tremens - Read My Fist

In the world of thrash metal there are usually two scenes that come to mind...the Bay Area and the German scenes. I seem to be drawn more to the German scene for some reason as I find that brand of thrash to be heavier and more aggressive than it's counterparts on this side of the pond. So needless to say I was quite happy when I discovered Delirium Tremens, a German quintet that's been in existence since 1996 and plays thrash metal in the style of the German scene while also bringing a lot of other influences into the mix, but with their own signature sound. Their third full length, Read My Fist, is pure thrash from beginning to end that is dirty, nasty, and a whole lot of fun.

This band does not bring anything new to the table, they just play fast and nasty using speed, pile driving riffs and godly solos to make their statement...and their statement is that they will kick your ass with their brand of thrash metal. If I were to say that they are similar to any band I would say early Destruction but they also have an identity all their own. The songs on this album are ferocious riff fests that pummel you from beginning to end. You seem to get the idea of what you're getting here just seeing the title of the album. Yep, there are a bunch of cliches here including the album opener, "Rough Ride" starting off with the sound of a muscle car starting up and squealing wheels upon take off. Of course the ass whippin' begins immediately after with driving riffs and vocals that are just fucking angry but not obnoxious screams or yells that can sometimes ruin it for bands of this nature. The production is really good as this album is not over produced nor does it suffer from sounding too modern. Instead the mix is just perfect keeping certain instruments from drowning out the other.

The songs are fast and speedy with a rhythm section that pounds you into the ground. The lyrics are nothing new, drinking, thrash, and ass kicking but it's the music that keeps the cheese from making the album seem ridiculous. Their attitude almost gives off a punk vibe but the riffs make all the difference as with the song "Get Fucked" which doesn't let you forget that this is thrash metal. You have songs like "Thrash or Be Thrashed" or "Irön Gäng" with the specifically placed umlauts to add to the cheese factor but since these songs are so fucking catchy the cheesiness just adds to the fun. I don't think this band takes itself too seriously. I mean, how can you take this band seriously when they have a song called "Backyard Wrestling?" But when it comes to the music they get serious, really serious, as shown on "The Kids Kick Ass." This song just slays from beginning to end and has a solo that is simply amazing.

It has to be mentioned here that they do an absolutely monstrous cover of a punk and metal icon, Wendy O. Williams' "Hoy Hey, Live To Rock" that shows that their influences lay not only with German thrash but with some punk in there as well. I even hear some Motorhead influence. This is a monster of an album by a really good band. Don't let the cliches keep you from listening to this album. If you like your thrash dirty, gritty and a lot of fun, get this album. The only thing sorry will be your neck!


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